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Digital Revolution, Symplified

Pioneering digital transformation, strategic marketing, and research-driven consulting for non-profits and startups. With diverse expertise, we’re not just consultants; we’re problem solvers, strategists and your partners in driving greater impact.



Digital Strategy & Operational Planning

Optimize your business by elevating your digital infrastructure, streamline operations, and enhance marketing strategies. Achieve sustained success in today's dynamic business landscape and unlock your organization’s growth potential.


Company Branding & Positioning

Brand positioning is more than logos. It's your story, language, and imagery you use to share it with the community and stakeholders. We can help you isolate your strengths. Emphasize your purpose. Distill your work to its essence so that when you invite people to join you, they will do so eagerly.  


Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution

Improve your brand and drive engagement that fosters a thriving online community and resonates with your audience. Transform possibilities into results and achieve unprecedented marketing excellence.


Website & Social Media Development

We have backend developers and database experts for website design, development, and testing. Leveraging brand positioning, functionality, and user experience, we create mobile-first, desktop-optimized websites. Additionally, we assist with social media strategy and training.


Audience Research & Analysis

Refine your strategy with our in-depth audience research and analysis. Harness the power of surveys to craft digital personas, unlocking invaluable insights for targeted engagement and strategic decision-making.


CRM, Event Management, Mail Platform Implementation

Streamline fundraising efforts, seamlessly manage events, and enhance communication to ensure success in your organizational endeavors. We help organizations easily implement all the tools necessary for managing customers, events, and email.



Natasha and the Sympl Solution team have brought transformative systems to North York Arts including a new CRM that integrates multiple layers of our organisation, from donor management to communications and outreach to participant feedback. The entire team has been nothing short of exceptional: highly communicative, collaborative and solution-oriented! I highly recommend them.

We Are Passionate About Your Impact

​At Sympl we work with our clients to craft strategies and solutions then support them to implement meaningful change, so organizations can soar. Working across Canada, we offer what leaders need most: relevant sector experience, trusted counsel, and unswerving commitment. When a project is complete, we leave our clients poised, engaged, energized, changed, and ready for what's next

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Our Clients

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Theatre Center

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Small World Music


North York Arts

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Folk Music Ontario



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Why Not Theatre

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