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Marketing Strategy & Communications Consulting

We serve early stage startups and nonprofits to deliver meaningful transformations that 
have a significant, positive impact.


Our Services


Mission, Vision and Values Development

Your mission, vision and values make up the foundation for your organisation. With an inclusive process, we will support you in crafting a powerful and meaningful set of mission, vision and value statements that will communicate your “why” clearly and proudly.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is more than logos. It's your story, and the language and imagery you use to share it in the community and with stakeholders. We can help you isolate your strengths. Emphasize your purpose. Distill your work to its essence so that when you invite people to join you, they will do so eagerly.  


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a powerful journey - one that builds buy-in across the organisation, leverages creativity and enables the team to align on goals, strategies and tactics. It also helps drives resource allocation which results into an organisational plan (org structure and time committment) as well as a detailed budget. We help create all three.


Communication Strategy

A successful communications strategy moves away from reactive communication and replaces it with an intentional approach which includes stakeholders, channels and cadence so that you can consistently tell your story and showcase data-driven successes. To result in better awareness and community profile, recruitment, fundraising efforts, and advocacy.


Operational Planning

You have an impressive new strategic plan. But you aren’t sure how to implement? We can help. We break it down into measurable tactics. We will also train your team so they can cascade the work through the organization.

Every team will own their part and see improved performance over time on KPI dashboards and scorecards.

Website & Social Media development

We also have a team of backend website developers and database experts to design, develop and test your website. We leverage brand positioning, desired functionality and user experience to give you a mobile-first and desktop optimised website. Furthermore, we help craft your social media calendar and strategy too, while training your internal team members on best practices for posting and advertising. 

Some of our work




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Theatre Center

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North York Arts


Sable Card



Small World Music



Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance


We are passionate about your impact.

​At Sympl we work with our clients to craft strategies and solutions then support them to implement meaningful change, so organizations can soar. Working across Canada, we offer what leaders need most: relevant sector experience, trusted counsel, and unswerving commitment. When a project is complete, we leave our clients poised, engaged, energized, changed, and ready for what's next.

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