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Our Process

How do we do this... the Sympl way?


1. Send your transactions — automatically

Simply forward us an email or take a picture of any statement, receipt and invoice - this will come directly to us and also get uploaded on your cloud storage (that we setup for you)


2. We take care of all the bookkeeping

Our bookkeepers will organize, categorize, and reconcile all of your transactions every week


3. And also process your Accounts, Payrolls & Returns

We process your receivables and payables, sync with a secure online payment system, pay & get paid from vendors (with your 1-click approval) and manage all of your CRA accounts: payroll (EI & CPP), GST, PST/HST

4. focus on business.png

4. You spend time growing your organization

Each month, you'll get a detailed report containing your profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow statement and 2 custom reports for the prior month.

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